8 Pitch Deck Consultancy Services Facts for Startups In Kind Donation Fundraising

Today,Guest Posting most startups seek for consultancy services to understand what audience and how to impress angel investors. But many of the business owners don’t know what is pitch deck is and how they play an important role in setting up startups in the crowded market. Therefore, the first and foremost thing is to know about the pitch deck.

Pitch decks are nothing but sales presentations in-kind donations for nonprofits that are done solely to share in front of the business investor or so-called angel investors. Thus, pitch deck services are very important these days to interpret the sales record and growth. Capital flow is important for a business to achieve goals in no time but fundraising is not an easy task. Investors will only invest when they like the business ideas and plans while following their demands.

Well, before pitching it becomes necessary to look at the facts ad terms for knowing about them better. This will not only help in connecting with them but also helps in making a good presentation of business plans. Therefore, let’s not waste time and have a glance at the 8 facts of the pitch deck consultancy services:


  1. Around 1k+ pitches are created every day as new startups are overhead.
  2. Only 10 slides are enough to explain the business plan to the investors.
  3. Pitch desk font size is 30.
  4. The investors only take 3 minutes to browse the proposals.
  5. Only one percent is funded by the investors among the numerous pitches they receive.
  6. Only half a week it takes to close the fundraising process.
  7. A good number of pitches is required to be delivered to get the successful lead.
  8. Investors only look at the financial terms, business plans, and competitiveness.

Here we move forward with the details to know about the mentioned facts efficiently:

  • Around 1k+ pitches are created every day as new startups are overhead:

In a report study, it has been seen that around 1000 plus pitches are created by startups every day for investment proposals. Pitches have become one of the common terms in the entire market system these days and without it, no investors look upon any kind of business.